With an unrivalled love of felines, and after working in clinics where cats were regarded as just “small dogs”, Dr Michaela Avery envisaged a safe space, where kitties and their needs are always the number one priority.

With this idea in mind, The Inner West Cat Hospital was born. Michaela (a resident Inner Westie) recruited Ashley, to embark on a journey to provide the Inner West community with their very first cat-only hospital and feline health hub, right on King St, Newtown.

As a cat owner you more than likely already realise that your cat is no small dog. When they go to the vet, their needs are completely different. When they are not feeling well, the last thing many cats will want to deal with is other animals, especially dogs. The Inner West Cat Hospital is purpose built with only the needs and psychology of felines in mind – quiet waiting rooms, soft closing kennels, hidey holes, state-of-the-art feline specific equipment, medicine and therapeutics and most importantly, no dogs, ever!

Wall to wall friendly pheromone diffusers, purpose-built examination equipment and a special focus on fear-free handling and interactions take a trip to the vet from something to be dreaded, to a positive experience for both you and your cat.

We are ISFM gold-standard cat-friendly accredited and are one of only a handful of NSW vet clinics with this accreditation. We align our beliefs and practices with their guidelines.

We are also a mecca for all things “cat” – from food, to toys, and art. Come visit us and share in our passion for felines and all they stand for.

Bright reception area with cozy cubby holes for cats to relax in
Open waiting area featuring cat themed illustrations by local artists

Meet Our Team

Ashley and her cat


Ashley found her passion for animal care at a young age – as a 10 year old girl growing up in Maroubra she was constantly finding and helping animals in need. It was at this age that she started her first job as an animal care attendant. Here, she found herself taking home many stray animals and her love for hand-rearing kittens began.

Ashley and her cat


Dr Brooke joined the Inner West Cat Hospital Team in 2022 and is fast becoming a crazy cat lady and enjoying feline only practice. Brooke has been an animal lover all her life and grew up with chickens, dogs, cats, fish, birds, and horses.

Georgia and Tigger


Kylie is a graduate from the University of Technology Sydney and has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management. It wasn’t long when she realized that Tourism was not the path she was most passionate about. Having previously worked in the hospitality and tourism industry for over 7 years, Kylie was eager to start afresh, and venture into a new industry.

Michaela and Fraggle


Dr. Michaela Avery became completely obsessed with cats after finding a litter of 10 day old kittens in a hedge at age 12. These would be the first of hundreds of foster kittens hand-raised and distributed over the years, and marked the start of a journey to become both a dedicated veterinarian and fully fledged crazy cat lady.

Georgia and Tigger


Georgia has always held an innate passion and endearment towards animals. During her early childhood, she discovered her adoration for cats when she came across a neonate kitten isolated from its mother. She went on to adopt this kitten, becoming her first cat.

Jess and Athena


Jess is a part-time receptionist and full-time crazy cat lady. Raised by soft-hearted serial animal adopters in Southwest Sydney, she cannot remember a time when there were more humans living in her home than pets.