Thank you for welcoming us to the neighbourhood! Since opening our doors on 6th September we have felt so warmly welcomed by our local community here on South King St. Being a self-funded, fully independent small business, opening a clinic during a global pandemic is something I wouldn’t recommend but we have been so very lucky to have had the support of our friends, families, and colleagues throughout the whole process. We cannot thank you all enough and cannot wait to get our hands on all the kitties Newtown has to offer and shower them with love whether they like it or not. We love cats beyond what is reasonable and normal but getting to know our human neighbours and becoming valuable community members is also very important to us. Please drop by and say hello, whether you have a cat or not, and we can show you around and what we have done. While we have been aiming to do consults contact-free up to this point, the easing of restrictions on the 11th of October means we can now go back to face-to face consults, as long as everyone is vaccinated, we are all wearing masks, and we don’t have more than 2 human family members in a consult at a time. We are really excited about this, as we want to get to know each of you, along with all your feline friends.

As a long-time Inner West local, I am enjoying finally getting to spend my working days in the same area as I live. Ash is getting to know the area after having moved from the Eastern Suburbs to be here. We have a Cat Community Noticeboard setup in our hospital window, so if any local groups have anything positive they would like to share then please hit us up and we will do that.  We are all about sharing the love around these parts!

We have forged alliances with Inner City Strays, The Cat Protection Society (conveniently just around the corner from us on Enmore Rd) and with Cat Rescue 901. With our powers combined we are going to improve the lives of so many cats in need and we cannot wait. We also wanted to say a special thank you to Glenn Smith (@Glennoart) and Eddy Lou (@EddyLou) for decking the halls of our clinic with awesome cat artwork – you will recognize Glenn’s art from the poster art and album art of many local bands, but his pet portraits are out of this world. Drop by and have a look, and maybe even purchase one for yourself. He is a fellow cat person and has rescued many an orphaned kitten along the way. Eddy is a tattoo artist and illustrator and is an animal rights advocate and owner of 4 gorgeous cat-children. Kirbee Lawler (@kirbeelawler) did our logo and design stuff, and our mate Frankie from “A Touch of Italy” painting services did our outside painting and builds us cat furniture for the rescue kitties we take in. Frankie is an all-round hero for local cats, and alongside his partner Jess does a lot of work with The Urban Cat Alliance. Kirbee is an animal rights advocate and all-round animal lover and a local designer for Made590 (@made590). Our mate Satya from “Chill Café” has kept us caffeinated and the team at “The Art of Tiles” gave us chocolates and sweep the leaves from our stoop (thank you!). Chris from “Kodak Vintage Cameras” stops by for a chat and cleans our window for us. We think we are going to like it here.