Cat Health


This is a vast topic that can cover many areas from inappropriate urination to scratching the furniture to aggression between cats or to people.

We need to remember that some behaviours that cats display are normal for them just undesirable for us – for example, scratching the furniture. Scratching is a very normal behaviour for cats and one that they need to perform to live a mentally fulfilled life. 

Inappropriate urination, while a lot of the time is behavior related can also be a sign of urinary tract disease so a visit to the vet should always come before any training or behavior modification to rule out a medical reason for inappropriate urination.

Aggression could come about because of underlying pain, or a change in their environment that has caused stress to the cat.

For in depth information or to discuss your cat’s behavioural needs, please call the clinic and one of our staff will be happy to talk with you.

For some very useful information on cat behavior, good and bad please check out this website: