Cat Health

Care when going away

Everyone loves to go on holiday but not everyone loves the thought of having to put his or her cat in boarding. While some cats are absolutely fine in boarding kennels, others can get very stressed and in extreme circumstances stop eating, over groom and become ill.

There are some beautiful catteries out there run by vet nurses who understand your cats needs, two we recommend are:

Divine creatures in Willoughby

Cat Kingdom in Kurnell:

If the thought of leaving your cat in a boarding kennel is something you can not bear, arranging a pet sitter to come to your house to feed your cat once or twice a day and change their litter tray/groom/play etc. may be a better alternative for you.

Even getting a willing neighbour, friend or family member you can trust to come and check on your cats while away may be a good alternative for those anxious cats who don’t like leaving their environment.

Many vet nurses are usually willing to drop by for a daily fee so it is always worth asking your local vet if any of their nurses provide this service. This is especially useful when your cat requires daily medication.